Meetings occur at 3.30pm in week 4 and week 8 of the school term. We alternate meeting venues between Darwin and Palmerston/Rural areas. Members can volunteer to host the meeting in their Preschool setting. This provides an opportunity for other educators to view a variety of early learning environments. We are particularly interested in inviting educators from a range of early years services so that we can share best practice across the sectors.  



People enjoy visiting various early childhood settings, please let us know if you'd like to host a meeting.  



Term 1, 2022

  • Week 4: Wednesday 23rd Feb  Darwin (venue TBC)
  • Week 8: Thursday 24th March   Palmerston   (venue TBC)



Term 2, 2022

  • Week 4, Thursday 12th May    Darwin  (venue TBC)
  • Week 8, Wednesday    8th June    Palmerston  (venue TBC)

Term 3, 2022


  • Week 4, Wednesday     10th August    Palmerston     (venue TBC)
  • Week 8, Thursday     8th September     Darwin    (venue TBC)

Term 4, 2022


  • Week 4, Thursday    3rd November    Palmerston   (venue TBC)
  • Week 8, Wednesday    30th November      Darwin    (venue TBC)